We aim to accomplish the UN Sustainable Development Goals of No Poverty, Zero Hunger, Good Health & Well-being, Quality Education, Gender Equality, and Climate Action. Moreover, we are tirelessly working to curb the spread of Child Marriage, Child Labour, and Gender Discrimination through the cure of proficient masses. Quality Education helps us to comprehend and adapt to the current social surroundings and allows us to utilize our knowledge profoundly. Regardless of caste, class, creed, sexual orientation, and religion, conventional training and guidance make us unique individuals with exceptional mindsets belonging from different social backgrounds. In India, about 83% of children attend classes, and 45% are said to complete their secondary schooling. Having a deficiency in qualified and devoted educators, general mindfulness, and normalized testing. Studies say that over 70% are unaware of fundamental scholastic ideas like deduction and composing as well as the powerful correspondence leading to a great number of uneducated youth in the country. At Be Dauntless Foundation, our vision is to engage young minds with quality education and empowering them in becoming proficient and independent residents of their financial situations.


We have remolded more than 5000 lives of underprivileged children and are determined to change more through the literal populace. We aim to neutralize Child Marriage, Child Labour, and Gender Discrimination by furnishing quality education and showering them with privileges. We also aim to provide them with a decent lifestyle by offering our helping hand.


At Be Dauntless Foundation, our goal is to ensure well-organized quality education and practical knowledge to the underprivileged children empowering them to become responsible citizens of the nation regardless of their economic and social status.
We want to break the stereotypical thinking, superficial stigmas, and social norms that seize opportunities for the deserving children because of their socio-economic conditions.

The following objectives of the foundation :