Kanhaiya Varshney (Kan)

Founder & President

Courage is often associated with cape-laden heroes that fly in to save the day or Superhumans that assemble to defeat an evil force. While there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that, courage, in my opinion, cannot merely be reduced to aggressive battles and fashionable supersuits. There’s courage in gentleness and in empathy. There’s courage in humanitarianism, and in altruism. There’s courage in giving unconditionally, and in kindness. This thought process is what laid the foundation of Be Dauntless. The primary motivator to launch this initiative was the alarming poverty and orthodox malpractices plaguing the Indian society, even in the 21st century! Through the establishment of Be Dauntless, I strive to precede a literate, developed, and united India.

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Dr. Sanjay is a Professor at Dalhousie University & he is a Psychiatrist with 25+ years of experience.


Fathima S. (Heena)

Head of Communication & Program Development

Savitha Kamakshi

Head of Remedial Education, Curriculum & Training

Aditi Jain

Head of Social Media

Minni Sharma

Head of Quality Assurance & Language Expert

Khushi Jha

Head of Audio Content & Competitor Analysis

Jessica Anthony

Head of Partnership & Creative Content

Pooja Sahu

Head of Digital Marketing

Titoka H Chishi

Head of Outreach

Ghurni Bhattacharya

Head of Volunteers & Fundraising

Mohini Miglani

Head of Donor Relations

Akanksha Mishra

Head of Impact Measurement, Monitoring, and Evaluation

Solomon Adewole

Nigeria Chapter Head

Gabriella Lupo

Italy Chapter Head

Meghna Choudhary

Head of Events


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Sakina Anverali
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Tanya Midha



I have enjoyed the work here and the people too. I have gained so much that I will take with me every step of the way! Thank you Kanhaiya Sir for guidance and mentorship, it has helped me to grow. I will ponder over it!


My time at Be Dauntless Foundation, although brief, was an eye-opening and humbling experience. It's easy to lose oneself in a flurry of first world problems and social media, and undertaking an internship led me to understand the enormity of struggles faced by individuals on a regular basis, while also picking up the important tools of gratitude, altruism, and patience along the way. I am overjoyed to have been part of something so great, and will greatly miss the Be Dauntless family.


The Be Dauntless Foundation is a team of committed youngsters working to empower underprivileged kids with quality education all over India through their various programs. Working here was a very fruitful experience, the work environment is cordial and encouraging! I would recommend everyone to join them in their noble cause.


The working atmosphere here is very professional and friendly. Even the founder is very friendly with the team members. Be Dauntless Foundation is a very good platform for people who have to work for society. I will highly recommend students to work at Be Dauntless Foundation to get proper working experience.


It's been a pleasure working with a great team at Be Dauntless Foundation. Their relentless hard work towards achieving the goal is really overwhelming. All of their initiatives are a great success because of their wholehearted approach. The whole team is very welcoming they accept and take into consideration everybody's perspective. I wish them great success and they reach out to more and more people out there who are in need.


When everyone was in lockdown, no one thought about the people who earn daily for bread and butter in that situation. But the Be Dauntless Foundation come forward with all the effort to provide them the basic necessities and fought like warriors in this pandemic. As an alumnus, I am very proud to be part of BDF. Good luck BDF and keep it up!


Working with Be Dauntless Foundation was a great experience. I came to learn about many different things that helped me in my development. As I was a part of outreach activities, I learned to reach different people through different platforms to convey our message to society and different communities so that no one can sleep hungry, children get the necessary education and many other things. This was a great experience of my life I learned to be "Dauntless " in different areas. And further, I will look forward to helping others in every possible way I can. Thank you Be Dauntless Foundation for giving me this opportunity.


Paula Freire gave the concept of critical pedagogy and called the traditional educational system as the banking system of education. Be Dauntless Foundation really doing well in its pedagogy to teach the current generation. Beside educational interventions, the organization launched a campaign named "Meal to Heal" to provide food to people suffering due to Lockdown. In this time of distress and hopelessness when the government not doing its part, the organization took a very human-centric initiative which shows it's members' commitment towards helping people in destitute and marginalized. I also worked with the team. Throughout the internship, I observed that the organization has a strong team of human service providers lead by Kanhaiya Varshney a dedicated social service provider and President of Be Dauntless Foundation.